R. Kelly

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the Black Rod Serling,Alfred Hitchcock&Chaplin, November 2, 2005
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the whole Trapped in the closet Saga is the greatest Video Event&story telling in Modern Pop Music for the 21rst Century. R.kelly is the Musical Genius of our time.He has no Peers.the concepts,Humor,Musical darings nobody comes close. the story-line here goes into so many directions.he goes where no other R&B Artist has dared go.R.kelly should Win Grammys,American Music Awards,Tonys,Golden Globes&A Oscar for this commanding&Ground-breaking Movie. His Rod Sterling Concept of Narrative is Ahead of it's time. His Alfred Hitchcock ability to story tell&you listen to his Voice along with His Vision is Incredible. the Charlie Chaplin Element is the fact that One Man came up with all the msuic,roles,story line,etc..... R.kelly is the Most complete Artist in America&Goes where no other Artist dares go.I dug the Siskel&Rupper the film Critics.the Brother brings a strogn Left Field vibe here.Ain't nobody else like Him Creatively.He is the Baddest Musician on the Planet.Hollywood better watch out because Kels just might take over Hollywood on the Big Screen as well.Bro Man got Creative ideas to making a Motion Picture that could be Huge.can't wait for chapters 13-22.the Brother never ceases to Amaze me.He is the Only Musical Artist that I have heard who should Be cloned.He always gives you a full 180 Degree spi&turn. APPLAUSE To The Genius of Robert S.KELLY!!!!!!!!

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Trapped in the Closet