Gabe's Herb Creation

"I think that everybody's herb creation involves stars from the 1980s." -- Tim Altamari, January 19, 1:300 am



what can you say. cetainly the greatest interacil combo to ever grace the screens, besides wilder and pryor. they created 80s pop culture, they created miami, they created the world we know. if you haven't seen the movies (before the shows i think) you need to do the you a favor. just look at them again.




can't get enough vice. can't stop won't stop gettit giggly. noticedon's face in the top left, is that plastic, is that recycled plastic face don?





okay iddksl



howdo you feel about these. better? the cizzles are getting of fthe shizzlwe. that's good clean corn field fun. don't try tippin" these moooo's....vt redneck out







this next one might get a little chaotic,,,,,, let's see





for all those interested. still. names and faces reppin porpor isins




dj blue lobster, available for bookings but has to be featured with crabcakes.






ladies sand gentlemen. another herb. if anyone else is reading this and is named herb, plesed sontact dougles or any mid city member mmediately.



this is what happens when friends get together, i mean real friends. real herboouwt out friends. do you notice the similarites?????





i mean, i want these friends to join my friends in the hreb freedom fight.. all of us, doing trees and herb togethere and eating leaves of wrath.